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Christine Oskirko was born into a military family in Calgary Alberta in 1949. As a child, she lived in England, Vancouver and Ottawa. Christine has no formal art training but comes from a family of actors, artists and designers. She dabbled in the music business in Toronto in the 1970's as a guitar player, drummer and singer/songwriter. That lifestyle was the source of a descending dissolution of self. And so moving to Canada's north with her husband and raising a family was the beginning of a new and welcome chapter.

In 1988, while taking some nursing courses, she began to experiment with paint in a very colourful and naive style and began her journey into the world of art. 

Today, Christine lives as a widow in the beautiful Madawaska Valley, after losing her beloved Jim after 44 years together. Jim was a truly accomplished piano player and father to Luke, David and Philip.

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Becoming a wife and mother was the pre-eminent gift from God, which saved me from most 

of my selfishness and taught me the meaning of true self-sacrifice, lived out. Now, navigating life on my own, I have often cried out "What is my mission, Lord?" Over time, the answer has come to me in all simplicity. God has given me two joys: painting and Adoration 

of the Blessed Sacrament. These two joys are intimately connected, although one, (painting) is a fruit of the Greatest Joy... being in the Presence of Christ Himself!

I consider the joy of painting the things of heaven and all who inhabit it, a foretaste of heaven itself. I also love to paint scenes of family life... the backbone of the world and all that God ordained for us… happiness in just being together in a family, doing ordinary things, lived out 

in a world of such aching beauty.

My second joy: Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Praying before Christ in His Real Presence, over time, has changed me. He has restored me spiritually, emotionally and psychologically by simply being in His Presence. St. Therese's 'little way' was to spend time consoling Christ for all those who do not love Him and are indifferent to Him. Keeping Christ company is a reminder of how, in his humanity, he experienced great anxiety being alone in the Garden of Gethsemane. This is a great mystery of His love for His children, how a sinner can console their God.

I am on the last leg of my journey in this life and things have become simpler with each year. 

If I listen for His voice each day, I trust that when He comes to call me to Himself, I will recognize His voice, because He will not be a stranger to me and I will not be a stranger to Him. He will call me 'friend' and 'I will cry out, like St. Thomas, "My Lord and my God!" There are so many 'voices' clamoring for our attention in the world today! On that day, there is only one voice that I want to hear... His.

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The art of Christine Oskirko brings a rare light to Christian art. Rich in colour, elegant in design, it is above all the authenticity and depth of her symbolic world, born in prayer, which gives her work a power that is seldom seen in the modern age.

                                                                    Michael D. O'Brien 

                                                                           Canadian painter and author

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