Acrylic on archival quality masonite

This painting was inspired by the Canticle of Tobit. After the Archangel Raphael has revealed who he really is, the elderly Tobit,

under the influence of the joy of the Holy Spirit prophecies:

"A bright light will shine to all parts of the earth;

many nations shall come to you from afar,

and the inhabitants of all the limits of the earth,

drawn to you by the name of the Lord God,

bearing in their hands their gifts for the King of heaven.

Every generation shall give joyful praise in you,

and shall call you the chosen one,

through all ages forever."


I dedicate this painting to all of Canada's native peoples, who heard the 

word of God and kept it in spite of injustices that were committed against them. 

They are a humble and good people.


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