Acrylic on archival quality masonite, 16 x 24”

I have wanted to honour Michael, Gabriel and Raphael for many years.

St. Michael and St. Raphael each touch St. Gabriel’s arms as they close their eyes and pray in union of heart and mission of serving God and living in the Divine Will, while Gabriel looks up into the heavens and he points to the Trinity, of whom they all adore. Michael, whose name means “Who is like God?” is not in his usual stance and role of readiness to ffight against the armies of the evil one, and to protect God’s children from harm, but even while resting in the Holy Spirit, his spear is still placed ffirmly in the flesh of the serpent, rendering him unable to move. He lovingly wears a cross over his heart in loyalty to Christ and the Catholic Church, which he will defend until the great battle at the end of time.

Raphael, whose name means “Medicine of God” sits with a ffish on his lap. When he returned from his journey with Tobias (and a dog who is nameless) aiding Tobias 

to retrieve his father’s belongings and bringing Tobias and Sarah together in matrimony, he took gall from the ffish to heal Tobit’s eyes after years of blindness. Raphael is in charge of aiding in the healing the wounds of our souls after sin. He is wearing a stetho-scope around his neck, as he hears the cries of our hearts and true sorrow for sin and takes those cries to the throne of the Father to heal us. Raphael eventually reveals himself to Tobit and Tobias, telling them, “I am one of the seven who stand before the throne of God.” I love those words!

Gabriel, whose name means, Strength of God, wears a priest’s stole with the words AVE MARIA on them. He is the angel who brings good news to God’s people. He appeared to the priest Zacharia to tell him that his wife, Elizabeth, in her old age, would bear a son and he would be called John. Gabriel is a magnificent angel, in charge of the most important moment in the fullness of time... the Incarnation. 

He appeared to the Blessed Virgin Mary to announce to her God’s plan and to ask 

her for her “ffiat” in becoming the Mother of God. Jesus was conceived in the 

Blessed Virgin Mary’s womb by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

The Second Person of the Holy Trinity, Jesus, came into our world, as a tiny acorn in the womb of Mary, in all vulnerability and hiddenness, to become like us except for sin, and begin His mission on earth to redeem us and to show us the way home. The Angel Gabriel’s role is to help us in our moments of discouragement to not give up and to aid us in getting back up after we fall. Every time we pray the rosary, we say, 53 times, “Hail Mary, full of grace” repeating the Angel Gabriel’s benediction.

Beneath the angels there are two incensers, the smoke representing their prayers rising to the throne of heaven and the three lilies symbolizing the Holy Trinity and the Archangels love and adoration of the Triune God, in complete obedience, loyalty and selfless service night and day.

St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael, pray for us. Watch over us as you walk us through the Narrow Gate, to meet Our Lord and King. 

Do not let us ever be confounded! Amen.


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