Acrylic on archival quality masonite

In the sea of hatred that surrounded Christ Our King, Veronica’s compassion for Christ, born out of her belief and devotion to Him, was an oasis of mercy, kindness and consolation. What courage she had in the face of so much evil and hostility. 

Her love was the catalyst that superseded any fear.

Veronica was like a shelter from the heat, hovering over the scourged, exhausted 

and weighed down body of her Lord, hence a tree blossoms over her head, as 

though crowning her act of love that the Holy Spirit seemed to allow in that sea 

of ingratitude.

Christ, who ‘went around doing good’ will remember Veronica's kindness throughout eternity and Veronica will shine brightly in heaven for her one great act of consolation, when there was none to be found.

Veronica clutches her veil to her neck. I placed it there for the person, who shares Veronica's name, who will receive this painting as a sign of hope that her neck is healed through the intercession of her patron.

St. Veronica, please intercede for your little sister in Christ. Amen.


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